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Here is a selection of some of the books that contain songs by Robat Arwyn. If you would like to buy one, contact either your local Welsh bookshop or the publishers (Y Lolfa, Sain and Curiad).

Atgof o'r Sr (The Memory of Stars)
Choral song cycle for SATB choir with Baritone and Soprano soloists commissioned by the 2001 National Eisteddfod of Wales for Bryn Terfel, Fflur Wyn and Cr Rhuthun. The songs portray the glory of God and the star of Bethlehem, stars as an image of love and ambition, and the practice, by some, of reading the stars. (Piano accompaniment)
  • 1. He made the Stars
  • 2. King of the Stars
  • 3. The Morning Star
  • 4. Christmas Stars

Publisher: Curiad

  • 5. The Memory of Stars
  • 6. The Cold Eye of Leo
  • 7. The North Star
  • 8. The Stars are Singing
Cn y Ddraig

Book of songs for children.

Publisher : Curiad

Er hwylio'r haul
Commissioned by the 205 National Eisteddfod of Wales for Bryn Terfel, Mari Wyn Williams and the Eisteddfod Youth Choir. In commemoration of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd who was murdered in 1282, the work weaves settings of the Latin Catholic Mass (Agnus Dei, Lux Aeterna, Sanctus, Pie Jesu and others) with solos, duets and choral settings of Welsh poetry. (Piano accompaniment)

The work includes a version of Benedictus, made popular by the recent best selling album by The Priests, and also recorded by Bryn Terfel and Rhys Meirion. It also includes the title song, Er Hwylio'r Haul, as heard on the recent CD by Ysgol Glanaethwy, finalists of the BBC's Last Choir Standing.

  • 1. Y Llyw Olaf (The last prince)
  • 2. Kyrie
  • 3. Y Freuddwyd Fawr (The big dream)
  • 4. Dan Lygad y Lloer (Under the eye of the moon)
  • 5. Sanctus
  • 6. Yn fy nwylo nawr (Now in my hands)
  • 7. Pie Jesu
  • 8. Benedictus

Publisher : Curiad

  • 9. Y deall sy' rhwng dau (The understanding between two)
  • 10. Dilynwn Di (We follow You)
  • 11. Ar goll (Lost)
  • 12. Agnus Dei
  • 13. Gyda thi (With you)
  • 14. Y Llyw Olaf (The last prince) - refrain
  • 15. Lux Aeterna
  • 16. Er hwylio'r haul (Although the sun has sailed away)
Er Mwyn Yfory

Musical by Derec Williams, Penri Roberts and Robat Arwyn, based during the Tithe Wars. It was first performed in the Meirion and District National Eisteddfod in Bala in 1997.

Publisher : Y Lolfa

Gwin Beaujolais

Twelve songs by Robat Arwyn and Robin Llwyd ab Owain.

Publisher : Y Lolfa

Hanes creu popeth yn y byd

The commission was for the St Asaph Music Festival and was first performed in St Asaph Cathedral September 2019 by Cr Rhuthun, Cr Cytgan Clwyd, Cr Ysgol Pen Barras and Gwenan Mars Lloyd. The work consists of pieces for SATB choirs, mixed parties, two voice or unison choirs and a solo.

Publisher : Curiad

Hwn Yw Fy Mrawd

A volume of 17 songs of various musical styles, suitable for soloists and choirs. Songs from the opening concert at the Cardiff National Eisteddfod 2018, depicting the life of actor and singer, Paul Robeson, and his strong relationship with Wales.

Publisher : Sain

Iarlles y Ffynnon

Musical by Robin Llwyd ab Owain and Robat Arwyn. It was first performed in Theatr Gwynedd in 1996 by children from Glan Cegin Primary School, Maesgeirchen. The book includes the score to the 8 songs as well as the script.

Publisher : Y Lolfa

Miwsig y Misoedd

A collection of songs by Robat Arwyn and words by his mother, Enid Jones. They follow the course of the year from the New Year through to Christmas.

Publisher : Y Lolfa

O'r Sioe

A collection of songs from various Welsh musicals, which includes Yfory a'i Gyfaredd from the musical Rhys a Meinir by Robin Llwyd ab Owain and Robat Arwyn.

Publisher : Curiad

Stori'r Preseb

A series of songs about Christmas.

Publisher : Y Lolfa

Taro Deuddeg

A collection of 12 new nursery rhymes. Words by Cefin Roberts and music by Robat Arwyn, Einion Dafydd and Annette Bryn Parri.

Publisher : Gwasg y Bwthyn

Unawdau 2000

Four solos by Eirian Williams, Rhys Jones, Sioned Lloyd Williams and Robat Arwyn commissioned by the Society of Eisteddfodau in Wales.

Publisher : Curiad

Wyth Cn, Pedair Sioe

A collection of solos from some of Robat Arwyn's shows. Words by Hywel Gwynfryn and Robin Llwyd ab Owain.

Publisher : Y Lolfa

Yn Dy Gwmni Di

A collection of songs from the work commissioned by Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle. It includes the solo Anfonaf Angel (Guardian Angel).

Publisher : Sain