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A gwnaeth y sr (He made the stars)
SATB or TTBB arrangements of verses from Genesis. (Piano accompaniment)

- out of The Memory of Stars

Curiad 3104 (SATB)
Curiad 4114 (TTBB)

Adre'n l (Homeward Bound)
SATB version of a piece commissioned for the mixed choir competition in the 2011 Wales Young Farmers Eisteddfod. Music and Welsh words by Robat Arwyn, English words by Aled Lloyd Davies.

Available from Sain

Agnus Dei
SATB, TTBB and two-part arrangements of the Agnus Dei from Er hwylio'r haul. (Piano accompaniment)

- out of Er Hwylio'r Haul

Curiad 3146 (SATB)
Curiad 4138 (TTBB)
Curiad 9034 (Two-part)

Anfonaf Angel (Guardian Angel)
Piece commissioned by Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle in 2008 for Bryn Terfel. It was later translated to English and was released as a charity single for Air Ambulance Wales.

SATB and TTBB versions

Welsh and English words by Hywel Gwynfryn

Available from Sain

Ave Maria - maddau i mi (Ave Maria - I did you wrong)
Piece commissioned for the Three Welsh Tenors.

TTBB version

Words by Robat Arwyn

Available from Sain

SATB, TTBB, SSAA and two-part versions of the Benedictus recorded recently by The Priests and Bryn Terfel and Rhys Meirion. (Piano accompaniment)

- out of Er Hwylio'r Haul

Curiad 3137 (SATB)
Curiad 4134 (TTBB)
Curiad 2033 (SSAA)
Curiad 9033 (Two-part)

Brenin y Sr (King of the Stars)
SATB version (with or without soloist) of the song recorded by Bryn Terfel and Cr Rhuthun with words by Robin Llwyd ab Owain. (Piano accompaniment)

- out of The Memory of Stars

Curiad 3135 (SATB)

Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the White Wheat)
SATB and TB arrangement of the traditional Welsh folk song. (Piano accompaniment)

Curiad 3050 (SATB)

Caneuon y Wladfa
A music book which includes two songs by Robat Arwyn (Mae'r awel yn ein harwain) and Hector MacDonald (Cn yr Enwau), celebrating the cultural and linguistic links between Wales and Patagonia. Lyrics by Tudur Dylan. (Piano accompaniment)

Published by Atebol

Cerdded hyd y llethrau (As we walk these hillsides)
SSA arrangement of words by Glyn Roberts for the centenary of Dyffryn Nantlle School in September 1998. (Piano accompaniment)

Curiad 2026 (SSA)

Clodforaf Di (Praise be to You)
SSA arrangement based on Psalm 18. (Piano accompaniment)

Curiad 2018 (SSA)

Danagos y ffordd

Available from Sain

Dilyn dy Olau
SATB version

Words by Robin Llwyd ab Owain

Available from Sain

Draw yng ngwlad Iwdea (Far away in Juda)
SATB arrangement (Piano accompaniment)

Curiad 3113 (SATB)

Dyrchafaf fy llygaid (I will lift up mine eyes - Psalm 121)
SATB arrangement for Cr Rhuthun of Psalm 121. (Piano accompaniment)

Curiad 3040 (SATB)

Ffydd Gobaith Cariad
Piece commissioned by Urdd Gobaith Cymru and Tŷ Cerdd for the mixed choir competition in the 2014 Urdd Eisteddfod.

Available from Sain

Hei, ti'n cŵl!
SATB and two-part versions available

Words by Robat Arwyn

Available from Sain

Lux Aeterna
SATB and TTBB of the Lux Aeterna from Er hwylio'r haul. (Unaccompanied)

- out of Er Hwylio'r Haul

Curiad 3158 (SATB)
Curiad 4137 (TTBB)

Nerth y Gn (Gift of Life)
SATB sheet music of Cerddwn Ymlaen's 2015 campaign single, originally recorded by Rhys Meirion and Cr Rhuthun. (Piano accompaniment)

Published by Sain

O Llefara Addfwyn Iesu

Words by William Williams

Available from Sain

Pedair Oed/Mae'r gn yn ein huno

SATB arrangement (with or without soloist) of Pedair Oed (Four Years Old) recorded by Rhys Meirion and Cr Rhuthun.

Also includes an arrangement for tenor and soprano of Mae'r gn yn ein huno (The song unites us) recorded by Rhys Meirion and Fflur Wyn.

Words of both songs by Robin Llwyd ab Owain.

Piano accompaniment

Available from Sain

Sioni Winwns (Johnny Onions)
SATB arrangment of words by Dic Jones. (Piano accompaniment)

Curiad 3116 (SATB)

Composed for Eirlys Parry in 1984.

TTBB version

Welsh words by Geraint Eckley

English words by Dafydd Iwan

TTBB arrangement by Eric Jones

Available from Sain

Yn dy gwmni di
Unison/two-part/SSA versions

Words by Enid Jones

Available from Sain

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